Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Family Getaway to Washington (Papa's and Grandma's house)

Our family made the long trek to Grandpa and Grandma's home in Packwood, Washington this week. We flew Morgan up a week in advance so she could spend some quality time with Grandma & Papa. She took to wood carving with Grandpa Jerry and is very good. She seems to be good at whatever she puts her mind to. Garrett and Landon shot a .22 caliber rifle for the first time yesterday. It was a proud moment for me as they shot the same rifle that I first shot as a boy. This is Abby's second trip here and she is now proudly proclaiming that she is Papa's little girl. We have enjoyed daily rides on the quads, exploring various remote sections of this beautiful country. Today we rode to the old beaver ponds that I caught fish in as a boy, only to find that they were washed away from flood waters a year ago. Robin has put a large dent in her book and became addicted to Solitaire on the laptop, (thanks Grandma Brigi). I will have to resume a strict workout regimine upon our return home, due to Grandma's cooking. Grandpa and I cut, split, and stacked enough wood to get them through the winter. We have had a wonderful time here. Robin and I feel blessed that we are fortunate enough for our children to have these experiences and memories. We are blessed each day and thank God for his grace in our life.