Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day of amusement

Took the kids to Funderland over the weekend. After forking over $140 in season passes for the boys, it's safe to say that I have my summer days pretty much planned out now. It's a decent little park with about 8 rides and the kids seem to really enjoy spending time there. Even Abigail rode her first real amusement ride and after getting over the initial "what the heck is going on", seemed to really enjoy it. And hey... when they get their fill of Funderland, we go mosey on over to Fairytale town for some play time on the slides and yellow brick road. It's nice for me because I get to sit and rest every couple feet as the kids go on the slides one after the other over and over. And don't you know they are sleeping all the way home!

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