Friday, April 13, 2007


I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter. My plan failed at having Easter at our house so we decided to go over to Bryan's Mom and Dad's. It was nice and the kids had a good time. They had an easter egg hunt that yielded lots of candy and money. Of course the boys couldn't wait to spend their money so I took them to the store the next day. Garrett bought a Pirate costume and Landon got a big spongebob bouncy ball and a battery operated blower and don't you know they are fighting over each others toys. You'd think I'd learned my lesson by now and made them get the same thing, but nooooo! This is the very thing I get mad at Bryan about because he will go to the store with one of the kids and let them pick out a toy and not get the other anything (absent mindedly) and then they fight over that one toy for days,until they get bored with it of course. Abby seemed to enjoy herself, playing for atleast an hour straight with a big basket of plastic eggs. It was Papa Bill and Grandma Jan's first easter with all the great grandkids. They just moved back to town from Southern California and it's great to have them finally here.

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