Thursday, April 5, 2007

Much needed Vacation

We just came home early this morning (4am) from visiting Grandma Bridgette and Pappa Jerry in Washington. We had such a nice time. It was very relaxing, yes even with 4 kids. It snowed a very light snow twice while we were there which was very pretty but not not cold enough to make it stick. We did some shooting, tried to fish and went on jeep and quad rides, which the kids loved and Morgan didn't want to come home. She was hoping we'd forget her and leave with out her. They have a really neat Koi pond built off the deck of their house and it's full of really pretty Koi. I never knew how friendly Koi were. At least Papa's Koi! You can actually pet them and they will come up to your hand and suction your fingers to see if you have food. It's actually quite cute.
It was the Grandparents first time meeting Abby and there were in love at first site. She bonded very quickly to them also and seemed like she thoroughly enjoyed her self there too! She found Grandma's drawer of measuring cups and spoons and spent the majority of her visit pulling everything out and then putting them all back again, over and over. We've decided that we need to make it a every year or every other year trip from here on out. (Hopefully G & P are up for that. lol)

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TaiwanMommy said...

Dear Abby,

We miss you. It was very exciting for us to meet someone as short as we are. Afterall, it's not like that happens every day. Let's get together and play again soon. Have a happy Easter! Give your family hugs from us.

Harper and Taelor