Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo #1 of my 52 week Photography Mission

So this will be my first time ever doing one of these assignments but I thought it sounded fun and will keep me on my toes about trying to focus more on my Photography. This picture is a perfect example of what goes on at our house every day! These two boys are non stop goofiness. It's hard to have a moment of seriousness in our house with them around. Landon is the most hyper of the two and I'm constantly having to tell him to stop climbing the walls in the hallway with his feet and hands. I'd swear if I hadn't given birth to him that he was part spider because I've never seen anyone climb walls like this kid. Garrett on the other hand would prefer not to climb walls but run around the house in nothing more than a pair of boxers singing to his itouch Ipod. It amazes me how one minute I feel like a UFC referee and the next moment they are cuddled up watching a movie together. Ahhh, brotherly love. There truly is... nothing like it!


Donna said...

Yippee! I'm going to love your weekly photography mission!

This photo is fantastic! It really captures the wacky fun your two boys have together.


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Bishrl said...

Thanks Donna! I'm not very good at this blogging thing like you, so don't be too excited! lol. How are you liking your CS4? I am getting my copy soon and will be needing lots of help : ) I see a wine and CS4 tutorial night in the near future!!! lol. Miss you guys!