Wednesday, January 27, 2010

52 Week Challenge Week 2/52

Well so far I'm not starting this off well at all. I missed what should have been week 2 last week so now I'm posting on week 3 but I'm gonna call it week 2. Yes, I'm cheating but who cares. lol. So.. I have decided that I'm going make some use out my studio set up, since it's suppose to help make me money some day. I set up my lighting, my paper backdrop, my lovely laminate flooring and finally my baseboard and snapped away at the kids for a bit. So far, I think I'm getting the hang of it but have soo much more to learn. There's so much to want and buy when your working with Studio photography and all I want to do is shop!! What I need to do is stay home and shoot! Practice only makes perfect (i hope). Here's are some pictures I took the other night : )


Donna said...

Wow! Beautiful photos! Are you planning to go pro? You should!!

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Robin & Bryan said...

Awh thank you soo much for your comment Donna. I have sooo much still to learn. We need to get together again soon. My CS4 is on it's way!! Miss ya guys!