Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A chance to make memories

I rarely ever enter contests because I never win however today there is a wonderful contest going on between Tamron and Clickinmoms that I had to enter. It is a chance to win a great lens and I can't pass that opportunity up. If you are also interested in possibly winning this lens, follow the link below and check it out. Good luck to everyone!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

We have a Graduate!!

I can hardly believe that we are the parents of a High School Graduate! Yes, Mo graduated this year and will be starting college this August. It seems like just yesterday that she was starting Kindergarten. It's funny how when we are young, are parents are always telling us to just relax and enjoy our life because before we know it, we'll be grown up!! We would always just roll our eyes and say whatever, because we didn't see what they saw. Man... I sure wish now that I could go back in time to my childhood days and take my time growing up. Enjoying the little things in life and not wishing everyday that I would hurry up and be 16, and then 21 and then 30! Life is such a precious gift and we take for granted the time we have on this earth too much. I wish that I could push a pause button on our lives so that I can cherish my children's youth as long as possible because one day they will be all grown with children of their own and as I cannot wait to see my future grandchildren, I want them to enjoy the wonderful gift of youth they have. All I know is that the good Lord has blessed me more than I have ever deserved and I owe everything that I have to him. Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice you have made for me and all of your children.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

52 Week Challenge Week 2/52

Well so far I'm not starting this off well at all. I missed what should have been week 2 last week so now I'm posting on week 3 but I'm gonna call it week 2. Yes, I'm cheating but who cares. lol. So.. I have decided that I'm going make some use out my studio set up, since it's suppose to help make me money some day. I set up my lighting, my paper backdrop, my lovely laminate flooring and finally my baseboard and snapped away at the kids for a bit. So far, I think I'm getting the hang of it but have soo much more to learn. There's so much to want and buy when your working with Studio photography and all I want to do is shop!! What I need to do is stay home and shoot! Practice only makes perfect (i hope). Here's are some pictures I took the other night : )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo #1 of my 52 week Photography Mission

So this will be my first time ever doing one of these assignments but I thought it sounded fun and will keep me on my toes about trying to focus more on my Photography. This picture is a perfect example of what goes on at our house every day! These two boys are non stop goofiness. It's hard to have a moment of seriousness in our house with them around. Landon is the most hyper of the two and I'm constantly having to tell him to stop climbing the walls in the hallway with his feet and hands. I'd swear if I hadn't given birth to him that he was part spider because I've never seen anyone climb walls like this kid. Garrett on the other hand would prefer not to climb walls but run around the house in nothing more than a pair of boxers singing to his itouch Ipod. It amazes me how one minute I feel like a UFC referee and the next moment they are cuddled up watching a movie together. Ahhh, brotherly love. There truly is... nothing like it!

Happy Birthday to I Heart Faces!

I love this site!!! I Heart Faces is celebrating their one year anniversary and every week they have a new photo challenge. This week is "Your Best Face". It has to be a recent pictures taken Dec 09 - Jan 09. This is my first time joining in (although I have been a follower for the last 10 months). Here's my Contribution
This is a picture of my adorable chunky little niece whom I got to see for the 1st time since she was 8 or 10 weeks old. I took alot of pictures of course while she was here visiting but this was my favorite!

I'm Back!!!

I have no real big excuses for not posting to my blog for the last year except to say that I haven't been very motivated. Although, it is a new year and my Resolution is to blog more and really dive into my photography and learn as much as I can to become a great photographer. I am trying to build my portfolio for my website so I will be offering some free photo shoots for a short time : ) These shoots will include a disk with all your images to which you can print out the ones you want to keep.
Anyone interested, let me know. I'm looking for children and families. (oh by the way, you have to agree to allow me to post your pictures on my website) :)
It's great to be on here again and I am commiting myself to do a 52 week photo project through www.clickinmoms.com. I will taking and posting one picture to my site everyday. I recently found this website and I'm hooked! It's for mom's (there are some dads too) who have a passion for photography to learn from other's, meet friends, and just hang out online. All you photography passionate mothers & fathers out there, you should check it out!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Rain rain go away!

Wow, it's been 6 months since I posted last. I'm very dissapointed in myself that I haven't kept everyone up to date with our lives, so I apologize. I can't believe only 4 more months and the school year with be over, It feels as though it just started. Landon is very excited that he gets to go to Kindergarten in September! Abigail is very sad that Landon will not be there at preschool with her any longer but I've explained to her that Landon will be going to school with his big brother. Garrett will be starting 4th grade and Morgan will be a Senior!!! I can't believe I will have a Senior living under my roof. I remember when she was in Kindergarten. : (
I recently had to undergo surgery for a Hysterectomy a couple weeks ago and although the healing process is slow, I have no hard feelings about having it done. I must admit though that I do feel (a little) sadness to know that I will never again be able to bare children. I knew before, that my days of having children were over when Bryan took a visit to the Doctor shortly after Landon was born, but now it's definate!!! I'm thankful that I get to enjoy some babytime when I visit with my 7mo old neice and my brother is also expecting a little girl in March, so I'm sure I'll be set for a while! It looks as though we may be moving again in the next few months. We really enjoy living were we do and the kids just love their schools but we are just really tired of making the drive into Roseville. We do all of our shopping there, our doctors are there, and our families are out that way. Morgan will be driving soon and will need to get a job to earn money if she wants to have a car and I would also like to go back to work on a part time basis and it just makes more sense to move closer to town, not to mention the fact that there is NO where to work here. We have finally had a break in the rain the last couple of days and the kids have been getting to enjoy hanging out with friends and playing at the park. I had to pull out my wonderful camera and take some pictures of them for you to enjoy. I hope everyone is doing well and that you enjoy your weekend! We love and miss you all!